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Business gravitates to quick and easy to use sites. People will not wait or switch devices to do business with you.

Always On

Your software will keep working even while you are not. Don’t lose customers because of crummy software.


Who knows your business better than you? Custom software works like you do … and matches your standards.


  1. Web: A business today without a web presence is missing opportunities when people search for a solution to their problem
  2. Mobile: Need a dedicated mobile website? Maybe you would prefer a custom application available on the app stores.
  3. Databases: Is your excel spreadsheet taking too long to open now? Maybe it is time to step up to a powerful, multi-user database.
  4. Services: Need a domain name? Do you need to create email accounts for your existing domain? How about a customer survey driven by an email campaign?
  5. Contract work: Already have a site or software that just needs some new features or enhancements? Maybe you have a site or database that needs to move. We can do that!


Founded by people who love software, we have worked in technology for 3 decades. We know tech.


Do you have an existing WordPress site that needs modernization? We can help! Are you starting from scratch and don’t know where to begin? Whether you feel tech savvy or feel like a newbie, we can help you at your level, at your pace, and we won’t make you feel stupid. We can provide you a great website that you can easily manage that will help your business grow

  • Design (new website)
  • Redesign (existing website)
  • Shopping Cart
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance (adjust existing site)


We have experience setting up Business-to-Business VPN solutions with the largest telecoms in America.


We have created solutions with and deployed to

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Dreamhost


We have designed for and enhanced the most common database systems

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

Latest post


How to setup IIS FTP server behind Endian Firewall

This guide will show you how to install FTP Server on Windows 2008 R2 (which is running IIS 7.5), how to configure FTP Over SSL (FTPS), and also how to test the setup with FileZilla.
  1. Create FTP group and user(s)
  2. Install FTP server
  3. Set up Endian Firewall Appliance
  4. Test FTPS connection with Filezilla

Create FTP group and user(s)

Using server manager (which you may launch with ), expand your server > Configuration > Local Users and Groups, right click to create a New Group…


Name the user…


Redirect all HTTP to HTTPS on IIS

Google has updated their search results to give higher ranking to sites secured with HTTPS than to sites without. With a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt there really is no excuse for not having a cert now.

After installing a Let’s Encrypt certificate on your IIS Web Server (I use Certify to do so), you’ll want to start redirecting all traffic to use it. Create a new a rule in your web.config file in your site root folder by adding a new <rule> tag.

configuration > system.webServer > rewrite > rules >

First, notice the…