Robocopy exit codes

When task manager runs a robocopy command for me, I get different error codes.  They are not all really errors but status codes would be more accurate.  Here is a list from the README:

Hex Bit Value Decimal Value Meaning If Set

  • 0×10 16 Serious error. Robocopy did not copy any files. This is either a usage error or an error due to insufficient access privileges on the source or destination directories.
  • 0×08 8 Some files or directories could not be copied (copy errors occurred and the retry limit was exceeded). Check these errors further.
  • 0×04 4 Some Mismatched files or directories were detected. Examine the output log. Housekeeping is probably necessary.
  • 0×02 2 Some Extra files or directories were detected. Examine the output log. Some housekeeping may be needed.
  • 0×01 1 One or more files were copied successfully (that is, new files have arrived).
  • 0×00 0 No errors occurred, and no copying was done. The source and destination directory trees are completely synchronized.

These are bits so 0×03, for example, would be both 'files were copied (0×01)' and 'extra file/directories were detected (0×02)'

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