Dreamweaver Code Rewriting invalid XHTML (onLoad)

My site uses templates that are XHTML 1.0 Transitional.  Dreamweaver was rewriting my body onload and onunload with mixed case (onLoad, onUnload) even though my template was not setup that way.  Anytime I opened a page, it would rewrite them.  I had to use Modify > Template Properties > OK to set them back before committing.  I could not find why and no answers seem available.  Seems very few of us were having the problem.  I finally stumbled upon the answer.

Here is your fix:  Edit > Tag Libraries > expand the body tag in HTML tags; you should find all the attributes for the body tag.  I'll bet yours are mixed case.  Select onLoad or whichever attribute you need to change and set the Attribute case field to Lowercase. Simple, right? But hard to find. I've lived with this far too long for this simple of a fix…

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