Server core commands

Windows 2008 Server Core requires setup via the command line.  Here are some items for common tasks:

Server core configurator; get the ISO and attach to your VM; browse the DVD drive and run Setup-Core.wsf

Add domain user to Administrators group

  • net localgroup Administrators /delete <domainusername>

Reboot the server

  • shutdown /r /t 0 

Rename the server

  • netdom renamecomputer <ComputerName> /NewName:<NewComputerName>

List installed patches

  • wmic qfe list 

Services (list/start/stop)

  • sc query; sc start; sc stop

Enable RDP for XP/2003

  • cscript C:WindowsSystem32Scregedit.wsf /ar 0
    • /ar will enable 2009/vista access
  • cscript C:WindowsSystem32Scregedit.wsf /cs 0
    • /cs enable 2003/xp
  • netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group="Remote Desktop" new enable=yes
    • adds rule to firewall for access

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