Upgrading Java JVM for Coldfusion

To upgrade the Java JVM that Coldfusion runs on top of:

  • If you are running 32bit ColdFusion on Windows you’ll need the Java 7 JDK instead of the JRE, on all other platforms the JRE will suffice. Download and run installer from
  • Open the jvm.config, the file which is typically within the {ColdFusion root}runtimebin. Locate the line that starts with java.home= and make a backup copy of the line. Comment out one of the lines by placing a # at the beginning of the line, this will allow you to easily revert if necessary (of course you could backup a copy of the file beforehand too)
  • Update the the uncommented line java.home={path} to reflect the new JRE path, for example:
  • (why are the slashes reversed?)
  • Restart ColdFusion and the new version should be listed in the System Information page of the ColdFusion admin > Server Settings > Settings Summary. In the JVM Details section Java Version should indicate that you are running 1.7.0_xx

CF9.02 install:capture

No reason to install Source Code capture

Post Java Upgrade:capture

By the way, Adobe has certified Java 7 to run on CF9 and CF10 acording to Ben Forta

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