Convention Transportation and Delegate Aide

Busing Scan Page

Allowed user to scan barcodes which activated appropriate menu choices based on type of barcode scanned (bus/person/tour)

This project had us designing a custom barcode scheme used for identifying and helping many international visitors to Texas. A series of large conventions were to be held throughout the U.S. in which 10’s of thousands of international travelers would be arriving, visiting tourist destinations, attending their convention, and then maybe attending more tourist attractions before departing. The sponsoring organization in Texas wanted to ensure these visitors were never lost (many were visiting the US for the first time).

We implemented the custom printing of 1000’s of visitor badges with unique QR barcodes that could be used to quickly identify the visitor and rapidly provide access to their itinerary by integrating with the existing hospitality management system. A custom mobile website was created that could use a mobile device (like phone or tablet) to read the barcode on the visitor’s badge and quickly tell them what was next on their itinerary, what bus they were assigned to and when it would be leaving.

The data that was collected by the scanners was stored in a MongoDB for dashboard view of the transportation of these visitors. From a tablet, the busing department could keep track of 35 or more buses (each with over 50 people) in real-time. As a bus will filled and left for a destination, the busing management could see if it left on time and how many of the expected passengers were onboard.

Dashboard visually indicated who was still missing or who had already boarded the bus

Dashboard visually indicated who was still missing or who had already boarded the bus

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This project used Amazon’s AWS (Cloud Servers) to start small for developing, scale up for training the users, then scale again to a massive scale on the days when the bulk of the transactions would be occurring. Afterward we were able to then scale back down to save on costs as the visitors started leaving for home and less resources were needed to help those who remained.

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