Video Audition Uploader

HTML5 mobile website allows people to upload videos for an audition

HTML5 mobile website allows people to upload videos for an audition

In this custom project, the client needed a simple interface that allowed users to upload videos of themselves performing some kind of talent like singing or dancing. The requirements were

  • a mobile device or a PC/Mac could be used to upload their file
  • authenticate the user without the hassle of setting up accounts
  • show progress of the file upload
  • provide a simple interface to view the uploads by the judges

Providing a modern uploading experience is easy if everyone has modern devices running the newer browsers – but we couldn’t count on that. We were able to deliver an upload mechanism that worked even on Internet Explorer 8 (ancient for a web browser, it’s very limited in this area)

Since the client had a list of people who they wanted to audition, we used a mass email to the distribution list that contained unique upload links for each user. All the user had to do was supply the proper email address and they would be allowed to upload a video or audio file. No accounts and passwords were required.

The site made it simple for mobile phone users to record themselves and upload right from their device. Those without modern phones could fall back to using a PC/Mac to do so. The client had access to all the uploads where they could download and view/listen and decide.

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