Top Free Must-have WordPress Plugins

Wordpress_logo_8The sheer volume of plug-ins available for WordPress makes finding the exact plug-in that worked so well difficult unless you can refer back to a list.This is what I’ve found to be useful and reliable and is installed by default for my clients needing these functions
  • WP Trello — show boards from Trello in your site
  • Child Theme Configurator — ensure your CSS alterations are not overwritten when your theme auto-updates
  • Image Rotation Fixer — corrects using EXIF image data when any photo is uploaded (necessary for iOS devices that rotate based of EXIF data no matter how you edit them)
  • WordPress Importer — required when moving sites between hosts (I’ve had good luck with this one – it’s always worked for us)
  • Easy FAQ — easily create FAQ that is simple enough for most users
  • Easy Google Fonts — simple and easy way to add custom google fonts to any WordPress theme
  • Safe Redirect Manager — if you change your paths, Google links in will break. This plugin can save those old links
  • WP Statistics — visually see where your visitors originate; also see the search results that drive traffic to your site
  • Advanced Code Editor — much better code editor (color syntax highlighting, downloading customized themes, create new files, etc.)
  • iG:Syntax Hiliter — simple code syntax highlighter in your posts using [sourcecode] [/sourcecode]; here is the MANUAL on GitHub

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