Allow ManageWP to clone WordPress site to another Azure Bitnami VM

bitnami-markI’ve become a big fan of VM Depot. They make it so simple to deploy a VM quickly. In fact, if I have a problem with a server, I don’t bother trying to fix it. I just spin up a new virtual machine and clone the current site over to a new one.Out of the box, the Bitnami build doesn’t allow the ‘daemon’ group write access to the WordPress installation folder. ManageWP requires write permission to your destination server’s installation. The process is not difficult:[sourcecode gutter=”no”] cd /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress sudo chmod g+w htdocs/ [/sourcecode]This will enable group permissions the ability to write (g+w) into your htdocs folder. Afterward, go ahead and tell ManageWP to try again.Afterward, it’s good security to remove that write permission.  It’s simple:[sourcecode gutter=”no”] sudo chmod g-w htdocs/ [/sourcecode]As you can tell, Bitnami VMs run Apache2 as User and Group: daemon

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