Multiple Azure Web Sites on a single MySQL instance

.logo-microsoft-azureCurrently in Azure you get 1 free MySQL database courtesy of ClearDB. To install a second WordPress blog you are forced to use the same database (or pay to create a new one) which is not unreasonable if you’re not requiring much space for each. When you try to open your brand new WordPress it fails with no HTML coming back to your browser. It is easy, though not intuitive, to fix. See below for an alternative way.
  1. Select your fresh WordPress Web Site
  2. Choose dashboard from the tabs across the top
  3. Choose to “Download the publish profile” – skip this step if you already know your FTP credentials
    1. open the file in your favorite text editor and locate “publishProfile profileName”
    2. within that, locate
      1. publishUrl – this is the address your FTP client will want for the hostname
      2. userName – FTP user
      3. userPWD – FTP pass
  4. fire up your FTP client and connect
    1. navigate to /site/wwwroot if your client is not already there
  5. retrieve and edit “wp-config.php
    1. inside that file, you’ll be looking for “$table_prefix  =
    2. change it from “wp_” to something unique to your new WordPress install
  6. post the file back to the server
  7. using your browser, return to http://{yourwebsite}
  8. login and setup as desired
Notice: The free database will allow writes until you reach 20MB in size – then it’ll stop accepting INSERTs.


Using WEBMATRIX, you can edit the wp-config.php file directly. Just edit as in step 5 above

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