Move Oracle 19c database files to new location

Maybe the drive where your database files are located is rapidly running out of space or maybe you just want to move the database files to a higher performing drive. This will show you how.

Step 1: determine where your files are so you know you are moving the right thing.

Using SQLPlus:

Step 2: take the tablespace offline so you may move the file at the OS level

When in SQLPlus, you can enter the character ! to temporarily shell out to the command line. When you are ready to return to SQLPlus, type exit. You may also use another way to move the files (another terminal, using a GUI, etc.). Since the Tablespace is offline, it will not be in use.

Step 3: bring the Tablespace back online

Moving System, Temporary or Rollback Tablespaces

To move system, temporary, or rollback tablespaces, the database should be shut down and brought back up into a mount state. This allows the control file to be updated while the datafiles are not in use.

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