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Dreamweaver CS3 freezes with code view

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My CS3 version of Dreamweaver started freezing on files that were not small when I switched to code view.  Well, the problem is known by Adobe and it relates to time changes (Daylight Savings Time) documented in Adobe KB402776. The article mentions ASP and PHP but my setup is for CFML. The solution is to remove a file: path:...

Dreamweaver Code Rewriting invalid XHTML (onLoad)

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My site uses templates that are XHTML 1.0 Transitional.  Dreamweaver was rewriting my body onload and onunload with mixed case (onLoad, onUnload) even though my template was not setup that way.  Anytime I opened a page, it would rewrite them.  I had to use Modify > Template Properties > OK to set them back before committing.  I could not...