Category: Windows Server 2008 server core

Setup new disk on Server 2008 Core

Adding a disk is easy enough when it is a virutal machine.  Making use of the disk with diskpart still has a bit of a learning curve for me. diskpart DISKPART> list disk DISKPART> select disk 1 DISKPART> create partition primary DiskPart has encountered an error: The media is write protected. See the System Event Log for more information....

Add FTP service (IIS7) to server core

You'll need the following roles added in this order start /w ocsetup IIS-WebServerRole  start /w ocsetup IIS-IIS6ManagementCompatibility start /w ocsetup IIS-Metabase start /w ocsetup IIS-FTPPublishingService  start /w ocsetup IIS-FTPServer  Then, to make the service start on boot, use the following (it does require a space after the = sign) sc config MSFTPSVC start= auto  net start MSFTPSVC

Server core commands

Windows 2008 Server Core requires setup via the command line.  Here are some items for common tasks: Server core configurator; get the ISO and attach to your VM; browse the DVD drive and run Setup-Core.wsf Add domain user to Administrators group net localgroup Administrators /delete <domainusername> Reboot the server shutdown /r /t 0  Rename the server netdom renamecomputer...